Fairbanks & Cole         “Pierced Star” Un-designated Model          5 String


S/N: 1868             1881                     11 1/4 x 27"                                4 3/8 lb.


Fully original except missing one bracket shoe and bolt ( strangely, I have the hook and nut)


Condition: Near mint.


Background: After discussing several banjos of what I call the “early style” Fairbanks & Cole, we now shift to those having the more typical peghead shape that persisted on into the Fairbanks and Vega eras. Decorating with numerous small pieces of colorful pearl in geometric shapes soon gave way to the use of more attractive saw-cut shapes. Perhaps as a brief interval phase between those two, some instruments featured inlays whose edges are notched or serrated creating an attractive effect. This banjo illustrates that technique and led to the name Jim Bollman gave it.


About this instrument:

1) Ex- Bollman Collection and as such it was pictured in his section of the first Tsumura book ( page 108, 2nd photo on the lower row).

2) Has a tone ring consisting of a brass bar atop the rim.

3) Pearl inlays with notched or serrated edges.

4) Pearl inlays around the lower outer surface of the rim.

5) Ivory bridge.

6) Elaborate ivory tuners and tailpiece

7) Tension hoop has a raised inner surface with a beaded top edge and a lower outer surface that hides the flesh hoop.


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