Carved Heels


Because heel carvings are such interesting and beautiful features of many of these banjos, I have assumed that viewers might want to survey and compare carving designs and workmanship. Therefore, in addition to appearing with the other photos of each carved-heel instrument, I have clustered all of them here for your convenience. They appear here in the same order that they are found on the site.  For almost all of the carved heels displayed here, the photos posted of each banjo will include additional views of the heel.



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Fairbanks & Cole

S/N-1535 -

Elaborate Fretless:    


Fairbanks S/N 9986
Early Electric



Fairbanks S/N 14393

Electric No. 3



Fairbanks S/N 20270

Special Electric No.6

Fred Martin Line


Fairbanks S/N 763

Custom Electric



Vega S/N 27158

Style C



Vega S/N 67411

Tubaphone DeLuxe




Bacon S/N 427

FF Professional

No. 2 Special



Bacon S/N 221

FF Professional

Custom Dragon


Stewart S/N 51601


Special Thoroughbred


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Fairbanks & Cole

S/N 1928

Custom "early style"


Fairbanks S/N 251
Early Electric



Fair banks S/N 19049

Electric No. 3



Fairbanks S/N 22296

Whyte Laydie No. 7



Fairbanks S/N 17167

Custom Imperial Electric



Vega S/N 25744

Tubaphone No. 3



Vega S/N 59331

Tubaphone DeLuxe

5 String Pectrum



Bacon S/N 193

FF Professional

No. 2 Special



Stewart S/N 6357

Orchestra No. 2



Cole S/N 2429

Eclipse No. 4000








Fairbanks S/N 15405

Imperial No. 3



Fairbanks S/N 16353
Electric No. 2



Fairbanks S/N 18320

Special Electric No. 5



Fairbanks S/N 1792

Columbian Prototype



Fairbanks S/N None

Robinson No. 2



Vega S/N 25566

1909 Tubaphone No. 9



Vega S/N 27817

Custom Tubaphone No. 9

5 String Plectrum



Bacon S/N 67

FF Professional

No. 3 (Dragon)



Stewart S/N None

Presentation "Enigma"