Bacon ( by Vega) F. F. Professional, Special No. 2 5 String


S/N: 427 1909 10 3/4 x 26 6 lb.


Originality and condition: This banjo had obviously suffered a fall which cracked the heel, damaged the peghead overlay at the 2nd string tuner, and damaged the first fret inlay. The heel had been professionally repaired before I acquired it and I had the other work done to bring it to excellent condition.

Background: Offered for $75 in the 1906 catalog, this model was priced midway between the top-of-the-line No. 3 (Dragon) and the No. 2 at $100 and $50 respectively. Judging by the very small number of surviving examples, this model was probably the least purchased of the 4 listed in the catalog.

About this instrument: In contrast to S/N 193 discussed next, this example was made about 3 years after the original catalog was issued and differs in having:
1) A notched tension hoop.
2) Round hooks.
3) A star inlay in the heel cap.

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